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Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, we have built up a solid reputation as wholesalers marketing highest quality Tibetan goods for more than a decade. As a result of our expertise in the handicrafts field, today we are acknowledged leaders in this area and export Tibetan Products (as well as prime nepali products) to an international Clientele. We have been doing this under the WSN label since its creation in 2001.

Having created the largest internet network in this part of Asia, and using western methods of doing business, with high ethics, our business is built on trust, reliability and corporate social responsibility. We market a wide variety of quality Tibetan Buddhist items. On this page, TibetShop displays a brief but carefully selected number of the most popular Tibetan product-categories for which we there is the greatest demand from abroad. Our clients are other Wholesalers, Monasteries, Shops and Distributors around the world. We sell to the Trade only, at best wholesale prices. TibetShop is part of the WholesaleNepal Group of Companies, WSN. This is the logo which appears at the bottom of this page.

  Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls

TibetShop offers a variety of genuine ancient Tibetan Singing bowls with good sound characteristics. Idea for Meditation and Healing. These old bowls are available in various diameters ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches. Genuine hand-pounded bowls of 12 inches and over are rarer and rarer to find and sell at a premium.

TibetShop also offers new bowls, large bowls, sets of 3 Reiki bowls as well as Harmonic bowls (set of 7) for balancing of the chakras. We also offer a wide variety of new decorative bowls, with intricate carvings etc. Wide range of carved and non-carved strikers, felt and other mallets, bowl cushions etc. We also offer gongs   bells.


Tibetan and Nepali Incense

TibetShop offers a wide range of best Natural incense. All the carefully selected incense we propose to our clients is natural and pure, handmade, and direct from the source. Our selection of Tibetan Incense (excluding the Nepali ones) comprises over 100 brands featuring the finest Tibetan fragrances.

  Flags of Tibet

Flags of Tibet

Basically, we offer three different sizes of Flags of Tibet. In addition, we also offer a wide range of Buddhist prayer flags - both horizontal and Vertical types, and in a variety of materials and sizes.

  Tibetan Rugs

Tibetan Rugs

A great many designs of traditional tibetan designs are woven on handlooms in Nepal, most commonly in pure 100‰ wool (starting as from 60KPSI - knots per square inch and up. In addition, TibetShop is leading the way in Nepal by offering a whole new range of carpets made from Natural fibers including such as the one which is illustrated in our thumbnail photo. This Tibetan design is handwoven here in Nepal and made in hemp (100%) Other materials include: 100% bamboo, Soyabean carpets and other. Inquiries welcome.

  Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Items

Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Items

This range includes items such as the Bell   Dorje Set which can be seen here in the photo. Other Items TibetShop markets are high quality Tingshaws, Prayer Wheels, both handheld and table models, Incense burners and holders, butter lamps, sets of offering cups, stupas, purbhas, and many other items.


Buddhist Statues (wood and copper)

TibetShop specializes in supplying highest quality wood carvings made in local workshops by some of Nepal's finest wood craftsmen. These leading sculptor artists re therefore capable of custom making any Tibetan Buddhist Deity to suit your requirements, made in nepali hardwood, in sizes from 6 inches to 6 feet. To order, all the artist requires from you, the client, is a good high resolution photo to work from. In addition, we offer a wide range of Tibetan deities in copper, starting from 4" and up to 12" for which there exists the greatest demand. These statues are full gold plated, or part gold, or copper oxidized. When contacting us, please specify name of Deity ( Ex: Green or White Tara etc) size, quantity and other vital information.

  Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

We offer a full range of pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings in genuine sterling silver. Most popular items include the Eternal Knot, the 8 Auspicious symbols, Tibetan Ghau Lockets, conches, etc.

  Tibetan Door Curtains


TibetShop offers a wide range of typical Tibetan products In pure cotton such as the one displayed in the photo on The left. This particular item is completly new to the market and measures 70inch X 36inch or 176cms X 93cms. This model is very competitively priced for an item which is beautifully and completely hand embroidered and available here in Nepal. TibetShop has many other varieties of these curtains to offer and in a wide range of Tibetan buddhist colors, as well as tablecloths, cushion covers and many other handmade products.

  Sacred Thangka Paintings

Thangka Paintings

TibetShop offers various types of religious thangka paintings focusing on and related to Vajrayana Buddhism which is practiced most widely in Tibet today. We can supply these thangkas with or without Brocade, at client's option. When clients inquire, Please specify one or more subjects, presence of gold, Mandala type or central-figure type, size, etc. To save Time, please be sure to specify price range. Custom made thangkas such as a Wheel of Life, for example, May require several months to be painted by artist-monks, and cost several hundred or thousands of dollars. More commercial type thangkas, on the other hand, may be readily available in a matter of 1-3 weeks, Depending on the nature and complexity of the thangka.

  NEW! Chhukor Banner


These are decorative brocaded silk hanging banners which are extreamly popular and for which, therefore, there is great international demand. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from one to six feet, which is 183cms X 30cms.

 Tibetan OM Bracelet


Because the price of sterling silver has gone up so tremendously in the last five years, items such as the one displayed on the left are proving more and more popular being so lower-priced. Indeed, these items are made of silver white metal and not sterling. White Metal Jewelry is a speacialty of TibetShop, which offers a very wide range of pendants, rings, necklaces and earrings. There is no doubt that demand for these silver white metal jewelry pieces will remain very high for the simple reason that pure silver jewelry cannot compete in price. Contact us to receive our complete product line and our best wholesale prices.

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